Since arriving in Taiwan, I've covered: the 2020 election, Taiwan's successful management of the coronavirus pandemic, the highest US official visit to Taiwan since the cessation of diplomatic relations, and the spillover effects of the Hong Kong protests in Taiwan.

I'll be busy finishing up my masters in the coming months, but please do still get in touch for commissions. My current research focuses on the impact of cross-Strait relations on Taiwanese identity, as well as China's politics and international relations. 


The Guardian


Fighting tyranny with milk tea: the young rebels joining forces in East Asia – (The Observer) – 25 October 2020

Covid's second coming: how did Britain get back in this mess? – (The Observer) – 27 September 2020



Taiwan Business Topics

Popular Gold Card Program Still Needs Streamlining – 16 October 2020



New Statesman

How East Asia's balance of power is shaping its US election stance – 15 October 2020


Electoral triumph for Taiwan’s China-sceptic Tsai Ing-wen poses big questions for Beijing – 12 January 2020

– This piece was quoted on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme coverage of the election on 13 January 2020





The Chilcot Inquiry left many questions concerning the UK's role in torture unanswered – 19 July 2016

When will the Labour leadership result be announced? – 13 July 2016

Bernie Sanders endorses Hilary Clinton for Democratic presidential nomination – 12 July 2016

After a long, close battle, Malcolm Turnbull retains power in Australia – 12 July 2016

What the EU referendum teaches us about the dangers of the echo chamber – 6 July 2016

Oscar Pistorius sentenced to six years for murder – 6 July 2016

How does the Labour Leadership contest work? – 4 July 2016

What are the consequences of Brexit for the refugee crisis? – 29 June 2016

Link to all work at the New Statesman here.



Los Angeles Review of Books


'Called Home By Fire' republished as 'Taiwanese Theatre During Coronavirus' – 4 September 2020


New Bloom

Called Home By Fire (U-Theatre – 優人神鼓) – 31 August 2020

The Spectator

Can Taiwan pull of its China gamble? – 11 August 2020


Taiwan's balancing act is becoming ever more precarious – 22 May 2020

Why Taiwan blames the UK for their second wave of coronavirus infections – 20 March 2020


Taipei Times

Sense of loss voiced at protest​ – 17 June 2020

Nationwide clean up event enters fourth year – 12 June 2020

Divisions remain after Han Kuo-yu's recall vote – 11 June 2020

Today Programme 13th January 2020BBC R4
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Speech given at National Taiwan University on 30 April 2020.

Title: 國際媒體筆下的台灣

– Taiwan in the international press